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WordPress FooGallery 2.4.16 Cross Site Scripting[6]
Authored by tmrswrr[7]

WordPress FooGallery plugin version 2.4.16 suffers from a persistent cross site scripting vulnerability.

SHA-256 | b9f344160d5b9492eaa5c8a7c828dab1f4a547554b1f87ef5cdd39ece6f378c5

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        # Exploit Title: FooGallery version : 2.4.16 Stored XSS
# Date: 2024-07-02
# Exploit Author: tmrswrr
# Category : Webapps
# Vendor Homepage: https://wordpress.org/plugins/foogallery/
# Version 2.4.16
### Steps to Execute the Payload:
1. **Click Add New Gallery**: [Add New Gallery](
2. **Write Add Title your payload**: `"><sVg/onLy=1 onLoaD=confirm(1)//`
3. **Click Publish**, then click **Create Gallery Page**.
4. **Verify Execution**: You will see the payload executed in the usage field.

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