Printix 1.3.1106.0 Privileged API Abuse ≈ Packet Storm

Printix 1.3.1106.0 Privileged API Abuse ≈ Packet Storm

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Printix 1.3.1106.0 Privileged API Abuse[6]
Authored by Logan Latvala[7] | Site[8]

An "Incorrect Use of a Privileged API" vulnerability in PrintixService.exe in Printix's "Printix Secure Cloud Print Management" versions 1.3.1106.0 and below allows a local or remote attacker the ability change all HKEY Windows Registry values as SYSTEM context via the UITasks.PersistentRegistryData parameter.

systems | windows[9]
advisories | CVE-2022-25089[10]
SHA-256 | e26119f8d98f860e7ac7059a0d25e15dfc9acdbc0d49faa1f612da8efaf64cdc

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