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Clam AntiVirus Toolkit 0.104.2[6]
Authored by Tomasz Kojm[7] | Site[8]

Clam AntiVirus is an anti-virus toolkit for Unix. The main purpose of this software is the integration with mail servers (attachment scanning). The package provides a flexible and scalable multi-threaded daemon, a command-line scanner, and a tool for automatic updating via Internet. The programs are based on a shared library distributed with the Clam AntiVirus package, which you can use in your own software.

Changes: Fixed invalid pointer read that may cause a crash. Fixed ability to disable the file size limit with libclamav. Increased the maximum line length for ClamAV config files from 512 bytes to 1024 bytes to allow for longer config option strings.
systems | unix[9]
advisories | CVE-2022-20698[10]
MD5 | ad099675f2c09c07850e36496b06c552

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