TOR Virtual Network Tunneling Tool ≈ Packet Storm

TOR Virtual Network Tunneling Tool ≈ Packet Storm

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TOR Virtual Network Tunneling Tool[6]
Authored by Roger Dingledine[7] | Site[8]

Tor is a network of virtual tunnels that allows people and groups to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. It also enables software developers to create new communication tools with built-in privacy features. It provides the foundation for a range of applications that allow organizations and individuals to share information over public networks without compromising their privacy. Individuals can use it to keep remote Websites from tracking them and their family members. They can also use it to connect to resources such as news sites or instant messaging services that are blocked by their local Internet service providers (ISPs). This is the source code release.

Changes: This is the first stable version of the 0.4.7.x series. This series includes several major bugfixes from previous series and one massive new feature: congestion control.
systems | unix[9]
SHA-256 | 3e131158b52b9435d7e43d1c47ef288b96d005342cc44b8c950bb403851a5b44

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