Ransomware Attack On Major European Bookseller News

Ransomware Attack On Major European Bookseller News


Recently a ransomware attack targeted a leading book supplier software, the attack interrupted regular functions of thousands of bookstores in Europe including France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The data stolen may have included not only personally identifiable information but also payment details. 

The ransomware group targeted TiteLive, a French company that provides cloud-based software for book sales and inventory management. Bookstores that have been affected by the ransomware attack included Libris, Aquarius, Donner, Malperthuis, and Atheneum Boekhandels. Additionally, some other clients have also been listed on the company’s website including Paris Libraries, Gallimard, Furet du Nord SciencesPo, and La Pro-Cure. 

In order to prevent the ransomware attack from spreading, TiteLive shut down its IT infrastructure, which resulted in a days-long downtime of MediaLog. Media Log includes processing online orders and shipping, cash sales, and customer relationship functions such as loyalty cards, direct mail, and financial information. 

According to the company’s website, the company offers its primary product to more than 1,000 bookstores. Owing to the disruption, around 130 independent bookshops in the Netherlands, Belgium, and France are largely shut down. Currently, these stores do not have access to billing and inventory data. For now, the form of ransomware that was used in the attack has not been disclosed. 

The group of attackers asked for a huge ransom payment for the encryption which targeted Windows servers run by TiteLive, forcing the company’s products offline. Furthermore, at present, what data may have been stolen is also unclear. However, the company has clarified that it is not going to pay ransom to the malicious actors.

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