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RansomLord Anti-Ransomware Exploit Tool 3.1[6]
Authored by hyp3rlinx[7], malvuln[8] | Site malvuln.com[9]

RansomLord is a proof-of-concept tool that automates the creation of PE files, used to compromise ransomware pre-encryption. This tool uses dll hijacking to defeat ransomware by placing PE files in the x32 or x64 directories where the program is run from.

Changes: Stability enhancements. Updated some export functions for the x32 exploit DLL. Added -r flag to output a Sigma rule for detecting RansomLord activity using Windows event log.
SHA-256 | 647494bda466e645768d6f7d1cd051097aee319f88018d1a80547d8d538c98db

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