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Red Hat Security Advisory 2024-3527-03[6]
Authored by Red Hat[7] | Site[8]

Red Hat Security Advisory 2024-3527-03 - Red Hat AMQ Streams 2.7.0 is now available from the Red Hat Customer Portal. Issues addressed include buffer overflow, denial of service, integer overflow, memory leak, and resource exhaustion vulnerabilities.

systems | linux[9], redhat[10]
advisories | CVE-2021-3520[11]
SHA-256 | f7976b8e170be546f0ae90244875124b0d4dbae1498c74c776b4c1380ae64a0d

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The following advisory data is extracted from:
Red Hat officially shut down their mailing list notifications October 10, 2023. Due to this, Packet Storm has recreated the below data as a reference point to raise awareness. It must be noted that due to an inability to easily track revision updates without crawling Red Hat's archive, these advisories are single notifications and we strongly suggest that you visit the Red Hat provided links to ensure you have the latest information available if the subject matter listed pertains to your environment.
- Packet Storm Staff
Red Hat Security Advisory
Synopsis: Moderate: Red Hat AMQ Streams 2.7.0 release and security update
Advisory ID: RHSA-2024:3527-03
Product: Red Hat AMQ Streams
Advisory URL:
Issue date: 2024-05-31
Revision: 03
CVE Names: CVE-2021-3520
Red Hat AMQ Streams 2.7.0 is now available from the Red Hat Customer Portal.
Red Hat Product Security has rated this update as having a security impact of Moderate. A Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base score, which gives a detailed severity rating, is available for each vulnerability from the CVE link(s) in the References section.
Red Hat AMQ Streams, based on the Apache Kafka project, offers a distributed backbone that allows microservices and other applications to share data with extremely high throughput and extremely low latency.
This release of Red Hat AMQ Streams 2.7.0 serves as a replacement for Red Hat AMQ Streams 2.7.0, and includes security and bug fixes, and enhancements.
Security Fix(es):
* lz4: memory corruption due to an integer overflow bug caused by memmove argument (CVE-2021-3520)
* zstd: Race condition allows attacker to access world-readable destination file (CVE-2021-24032)
* RocksDB: zstd: mysql: buffer overrun in util.c (CVE-2022-4899)
* netty-codec-http: Allocation of Resources Without Limits or Throttling (CVE-2024-29025)
* commons-compress: Denial of service caused by an infinite loop for a corrupted DUMP file (CVE-2024-25710)
* apache-commons-text: variable interpolation RCE (CVE-2022-42889)
* snappy-java: Missing upper bound check on chunk length in snappy-java can lead to Denial of Service (DoS) impact (CVE-2023-43642)
* json-smart: Uncontrolled Resource Consumption vulnerability in json-smart (Resource Exhaustion) (CVE-2023-1370)
* protobuf-java: timeout in parser leads to DoS (CVE-2022-3171)
* Apache-Commons-BCEL: arbitrary bytecode produced via out-of-bounds writing (CVE-2022-42920)
* bc-java: Out of memory while parsing ASN.1 crafted data in org.bouncycastle.openssl.PEMParser class (CVE-2023-33202)
* bouncycastle: potential blind LDAP injection attack using a self-signed certificate (CVE-2023-33201)
* json-path: stack-based buffer overflow in Criteria.parse method (CVE-2023-51074)
* guava: insecure temporary directory creation (CVE-2023-2976)
* io.vertx:vertx-core: memory leak when a TCP server is configured with TLS and SNI support (CVE-2024-1300)
* io.vertx/vertx-core: memory leak due to the use of Netty FastThreadLocal data structures in Vertx (CVE-2024-1023)
* quarkus-core: Leak of local configuration properties into Quarkus applications (CVE-2024-2700)

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